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Introducing Flight Pad
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Introducing Flight Pad

The New Generation of Digital Preflight Solutions

Flight Pad is Gyronimo's new flagship app for helicopter and fixed wing aircraft intended for professional aviation operations. However,  Flight Pad can also be used by private aviators. There are already 80 standard aircraft available in our library with more on the way. Download Flight Pad today, select your aircraft and check them out - it's all free of charge.

You can then purchase the appropriate category to unlock all features and increase your fleet. 

If you intend to use Flight Pad for professional operations, please contact us.


for iPad only

What's New
Flight Pad app weight & balance computation

Flight Pad  in a Nutshell


Flight Pad Basic (Without Account):

- Choose from over 80 aircraft models

- Weight & Balance computations

- Option to add and edit interior items

- Load Manifest with Digital Signature

- Fixed Wing Performance for Takeoff, Climb, Cruise, Landing

- Helicopter Performance (HOGE, HIGE etc)

Note: Not all aircraft in the standard library offer performance computations, we will add them as soon as possible. 

Flight Pad Pro (Requires Account):

- Custom Interior Configurations

- Custom Performance Computations

- Manage aircraft data via Fleet Control

- EASA, CAA, FOCA or FAA (Part 135) compliant

- Certification option for professional EFB Integration

- Equipment Management

- Special options for HEMS operations 

- Risk Assessment

- Integrated Document Viewer
- Flight Dispatch System

- Data Tracking

Note: All listed features are optional

Do you have a previous version of our Performance Pad apps?

During the past nine years we created Performance Pads for many aircraft models. Each app was made specifically for one aircraft type and variant. Therefore the Performance Pad apps are very detailed and in some cases contain information that is not available in our new Flight Pad. If you have an older Performance Pad, for example Cessna 172, Piper PA28, Robinson etc then you can keep using them. We will keep them updated. Our new Flight Pad is not intended to be an ‘upgrade’ to the older apps. So if you are happy with the Performance Pads, please continue using them! However, if you fly multiple aircraft types and want to manage them all in one app switch over to our new Flight Pad. And if you are a professional operator we recommend using Flight Pad with our PRO account. Please check out our Flight Pad page.

Performance Pad video tutorials are still available on our Youtube and Vimeo channels

Check out here which Performance Pad apps are still available in the Apple App Store 

  • Vimeo - Black Circle
  • YouTube
Cessna C172 flying in clouds
Flight Pad app + Cessna C172

Flight Pad  - One For All


Flight Pad for private pilots, students and flight instructors

Choose your helicopter or fixed wing from our constantly growing aircraft library. 

Flight Pad for professional pilots and aircraft operators

Upgrade to Flight Pad PRO and customize your aircraft from our library for any company or individual requirements.

Flight Pad for HEMS/HAA, police, aerial work, business  and tour operators

Get a customized Flight Pad PRO account tailored exclusively for the operations of your organization.

Which Flight Pad
Empty iPad screen.png
Gyronimo E6B
iPhone free.png
Gyronimo R66 training app

Apps for iPad and iPhone

in the Apple App Store

The Flight Pad will gradually replace our Performance Pad weight & balance apps in the Apple App Store.

Other iPad and iPhone products however are still available as individual apps

Gyronimo R66 Cockpit Training App icon
Gyronimo E6B app icon
In the App Store
helicopter approaching oil rig
Flight Pad app weight & balance computation
Rescue helicopter flying in the mountains
Gyronimo performance Pad CAT-A computation

What People Say About Gyronimo

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Gyronimo Performance Pad screen

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Thank you for choosing Gyronimo

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Gyronimo Performance Pad screen
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